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Getting to the root of “it”

Plants are amazing organisms. They can turn sunlight into food; they have developed some amazing defenses against their predators; and many of them are simply beautiful. But one of the most amazing things about plants is the parts that you never see. The roots are just as amazing as the flowers, leaves, and stems. On the surface you cannot see the roots, and they may seem a little boring and in...

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Digging In: Secret Soil Stuff

There is a whole world under our feet. It is more than just "dirt" that you are standing on. In fact, it is not even dirt, it is soil. The soil beneath your feet is teeming with life. It is a world that is alien to us, but is just as amazing as the world that is around us. Soil has so much life in it, ranging from the earthworms that you see to things that are not visible unless you look at it...

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