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Perilous Pears

In recent years, one of the most popular trees planted in yards and by cities has been Callery Pear. These trees are cultivars of the Bradford Pear ( Pyrus calleryana) . They cannot self-pollinate, so it was thought this would be a good thing, preventing the rapid spread of these trees. This was meant to prevent them from becoming a problem like some of the other trees and shrubs that ha...

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Bush Honeysuckle Bark
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Controlling the Uncontrolled- Bush Honeysuckle

If you have read some of my previous article or blogs, you will know that invasive species pose a problem in Illinois, particularly in restoration projects. I have given a lot of information about different species in the past, but have given very little information on some of the control methods for some of the most pervasive species that are found in Illinois. Today, I am going to focus on Bu...

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 MG 2228

Beautiful Bats

One of the most misunderstood animals found in Illinois is the bat. There are many persistent, false rumors and legends that have given bats a bad name. Many of these stories have been created out of a lack of understanding and outright fear. But bats are far from being something to be feared. They are highly beneficial. If you are sitting out on your porch, patio, or deck at dusk, you might ju...

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