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An Organic Question Part 2 - The Environment

The issue of organic food is a very complicated one. If you read the last article on the subject, An Organic Question, you know that there is a lot to unpack in the question of "Is Organic Better?" The original driver behind the push for organic food was a push to be more environmentally conscious about our food and reduce the environmental impact of our food production. As I s...

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An Organic Question Part 1

A few days ago, I was presented with a very interesting question. The person in question wanted to know if there was anything to the "Organic is Better" claim. And my answer was "well that is a complicated answer." There is a lot to unpack here and I will do my best. The way that I see it, there are two major themes that need to be considered when we are talking about the advantages to...

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Waste Not Want Not

What if I told you that you are throwing approximately $400.00 per person in your home in the garbage and you may not even realize. The truth is that Americans as a whole throw away more food than any other country. Roughly fifty percent of all produce in the US finds its way into our landfills. Estimates from 2016 are sixty million tons of produce that is an estimated $160 Billion. According t...

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Turn the Lights Out

Posted by Jason Haupt - Energy

We have a natural fear of the dark. Whether it is the fact that we cannot see the edge of the table to protect our toes or because we fear the monsters that are hiding in the shadows, darkness makes us uncomfortable. Our battle over the dark extends back in time and it seems that we are finally driving the darkness back. But is this a good thing? As little, as 100 years ago in all but the large...

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