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Technology Tuesday

Tech Tuesday- Merlin Bird ID

  Last week ended up being much busier than I thought it would be, between all that I had planned and all that happened Tuesday came and went.  What I had wanted to be Tech Tuesday last week started to be Tech Thursday still a nice sound to that but I did not get things finished and it looked like Tech Friday would have to do but again my day had other plans.  So here we go Tech Tuesday...

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Audobon Bird App

Tech Tuesday- Birding Field Guides Part 1

  There are a lot of field guides out there; and if you are a big birder you probably have your favorite.  You reach for it each time you go out in the field and if you are like me it has been a constant companion for many years.  Many of you also have a smart phone and you take that wherever you go as well.  But are you using it to help you identify the birds you see?  How about using...

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Tech Tuesday: iNaturalist

As the weather begins to be nice again, well at least it is starting to warm up, it is again time to start thinking about going out and enjoying nature once again.  But your time out in nature can have an impact on the areas that you are visiting.  No I am not talking about destroying natural areas I am talking about citizen scientist projects in which you can be involved. There are man...

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Tech Tuesday: Leaf Snap

Today I will be talking about a botanical app that is available on Apple platforms. This app is Leaf Snap. I had the opportunity to thoroughly test this app, and it offers a way to identify plants by simply taking a picture of the leaf (thus Leaf Snap). This provides someone with just a little experience to successfully identify trees and some shrubs. Overall, this is a very powerful app that p...

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