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Vermicomposting Basics

Posted by Jason Haupt -

Vermicomposting Basics (Worm Composting) is Sat., Oct. 26 from 9:30 am to noon. The class will be held in the Tazewell County Extension office. The class will consist of a short session on the basics of vermicomposting followed by instructions on how to construct a small vermicomposting bin.

The class will have a couple of options from which participants may choose. The first option will be the entire 2 ½ hours and includes all materials needed for the worm bins. This option will cost $50.00 to participate (the cost will include the bins, bedding, and worms for the vermicomposting bin). The other option will be to attend the instruction portion of the class. Attending the instruction only will be free.

Vermicomposting offers an alternative to composting that is less labor intensive and can be done anywhere. Because worms are being used to compost the materials it is not an odorous process to produce high quality compost. This means that composting can be done indoors.

Worm compost is high in nutrients and is an excellent soil amendment. Vermicomposting also produces "Worm Tea" which is excess moisture from the compost being produced. Worm tea is an excellent organic fertilizer.

Please join me for this opportunity to learn about Vermicomposting and the many benefits that it provides

To register for this program at:

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