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Washington Historic Distric

Washington Historic Commercial Square

Posted by Kathie Brown -

Creating a local Historic Commercial district is the focus of a UIUC Department of Urban and Regional Planning Capstone project. Marcia Klop, Graduate Student in Department of Urban and Regional Planning at UIUC is working with University of Illinois Extension, City of Washington Economic Developer, local businesses and historic preservation specialists from throughout the state in her study.

The City of Washington, Illinois has a rich history spanning almost 200 years. The Washington Square, the heart of the historic downtown, specifically illustrates a history of shops, banks, and doctors that all played key roles in the establishment of the town as a whole. The Square today retains the majority of the original architecture from its establishment in the 1830s, and has been the site for many important community events over its 185 years. In addition to its role as the central business center, the Square was used as a meeting place during the Civil War, and was also an important stop on Abraham Lincoln's campaign trail for many years.

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