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Business Consulting Services Engaging with Specialized Manufacturing Group

Posted by Kathie Brown -

During the fall semester, our unit is engaging UIUC students in a number of different community and economic development initiatives. A new partnership for our region brings together the College of Business, College of Engineering and the Specialized Manufacturing Group.

Business Consulting Services (BA 445 and GE/IE 498) is a course that gives business and engineering students exposure to real-world business problems in a real-world setting. Students learn solid problem-solving and analytical skills, and our business partners benefit from their creative thinking and unique student perspective. Business Consulting Services working in partnership with the Specialized Manufacturing Group will create an environment that replicates, as closely as possible, a real-world work environment as they work to develop a long range plan for sustaining the Specialized Manufacturing Group's work in our region. You can learn more about one of the key successes for the Specialized Manufacturing Group at the following website:

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