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Gaining STEAM on STEM

Gaining STEAM on STEM seeks to expand and connect STEM programming

Math, Science, & Art Fabrication Activities

Prepared for April 4 Teacher Tuesday, Peoria Riverfront Museum

Registration and complete program details available at

Teacher Tuesdays is a networking event to spur ideas that teachers can test in their classrooms.

River City Labs, Caterpillar STEM Outreach, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council, University of Illinois Extension, Champaign-Urbana Fab Lab and Peoria Riverfront Museum are hosting aSTEAM Resource Fair, introducing educators to organizations and resources available to support STEM Learning. Below are more details of the activity stations.

Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Math or Science Concept

Fabrication Activity

Link to lesson plan or expansion idea

XY Coordinates

Tracing images in silhouette, explanation of how the silhouette cutter works

Can be explained during Griffin Sticker activity

Path generated by an algorithm

Tracing image in silhouette or Inkscape

Tracing bitmaps is an essential part of any Inkscape activity, like the Laser Notebook

3D spatial reasoning

Design in Tinkercad or Sculptris

Fab Lab Intro Sculptris video tutorial

Pressfit box Fab Lab Story Cube tutorial

Design problem/test solution / refine solution

Ideation process

Design Thinking for Educators and Design Thinking for Libraries

Basic circuitry, direction of energy flow

Paper circuits

Hack Your Notebook collection of resources


Generate Tessellations in Inkscape, cut on the silhouette cutter

Inkscape Tessellations Quick Guide

Video tutorial for Inkscape Tessellations


Use Arduinos to power any number of code making and code breaking tools

Turn a kids game into an Enigma machine

Golden ratio

3D print zeotropes & make blinky circuit for accurate viewing

Laser cut Fibonacci spiral jigsaw puzzle

Instructable tutorial for 3D printed Zeotropes

Instructable tutorial for Fibonacci jigsaw puzzle


Use the laser to fabricate parts for a double pendulum

Make Zine instructions for making a double pendulum


Use the silhouette cutters to cut pieces for paper gear constructions

Rob Ives giant collection of paper machines

2D and 3D visualizations of tessellations, times tables, golden ratios, and other patterns

Use Beetle Blocks (a 3D block-based coding language) to output 2D and 3D objects that can be fabricated on the laser, 3D printer, silhouette, or watercolor bot

Beetleblock times table

Watercolor Bot experiments with Beetleblocks

Machine Activity Cards printable cards for the silhouette cutter, laser, 3D printer, and small electronics with reminders of what they can be used for and how to set-up files for each device. These were produced for you to keep the machines at Vienna High School.


Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab Greatest Hits activities and classroom resources. These were all written as a result of the summer camps Fab Lab did in Southern IL, summer of 2015.

Science Snacks page of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute. All activities are hands-on, teacher-tested, and use cheap, available materials.

How Playing with Math Helps Teachers Better Emphasize with Students article from Educator Innovator. "Math Teachers Circles create a space for educators to connect with the joys of discovery and collaborative problem-solving, creating lessons that inform their classroom practice."

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