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Ferree's New Shade Garden

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Watch Rhonda's new shade garden progress. The garden is behind her gazebo and is quite shady. It is also very dry, since her soil is mostly infertile sand and this area is not irrigated.

Rhonda designed this as a secret garden, based on the book by Frances Hodgson Burnet. In the story, Mary discovers a neglected secret garden. Her new friend, Dickon and his animal friends, help her bring the garden back to life.

Rhonda's garden includes carefully selected and placed animal scuplture. She hopes to find a sculpture of Dickon to complete the garden. For added whimsy, an occasional gnome has decided to make this new garden their home.

During the first year, the garden's structure will be formed using trees, shrubs, a few perennials, a glider, and some sculpture. Additional plants will be added, as the budget allows, in subsequent years.

Rhonda is pleased to share her new garden with you. Enjoy!

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