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Master Naturalists 2017

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The quarterly meeting held in January was to the Ilinois Biological Station in Havana. Levi Solomon is a Large River Fisheries Ecologist. He gave a presentation and tour.

In early April, a group of Master Naturalists completed the Chainsaw Safety & Directional Felling SAWW (Levels 1-2) Training.

Several Master Naturalists participated in the tour of Steve and Dianne White's farm in June. Steve led us on a tour highlighting the many conservation projects he has implemented on his land.

During the summer, Master Naturalists and Master Gardeners have volunteered at Wildlife Prairie Park Kim St John Butterfly Habitat.

The 2017 training began in September with 18 new volunteers. Throughout the fall, the group will meet once a week at natural areas throughout Fulton, Mason, Peoria, and Tazewell counties to learn from experts on a variety of topics.

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