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Jason Haupt

Extension Educator, Energy and Environmental Stewardship

University of Illinois Extension
15411 N IL 100 Highway
Lewistown, IL 61542-9468
Phone: 309-547-3711
FAX: 309-547-3713

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Program Offerings

1.      Lighting Choices for your Home- There are a number of confusing choices when it comes to choosing lighting for your home.  Do you choose LED or CFL?  What do LED and CFL mean?  Is one better than the other and why can’t I just stick with the incandescent lights that I have always bought?  Come and learn about the choices that are available and how to choose the right light for the space.

2.      Energy Efficiency in the Home- Energy Efficiency seems to be everywhere but why should you care about energy efficiency in your home?  What are the benefits of energy efficiency?  Learn how to make your home more efficient both from the inside and the outside.

3.      Radon.  What is it? -  Radon is a colorless odorless and tasteless gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US.  The only way to know if you have Radon in your home is to test.  Come and learn about the different types of tests, how to test your home and what the results of the tests mean.

4.      Hydraulic Fracturing- Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking has been in the news a lot recently and it is time to dispel the myths and expose the facts of fracking.  Learn about how fracking is done, and how it is regulated in Illinois.

5.      Composting- Composting is a mysterious and difficult process to many people.  Composting is a simple process once you understand the process and mechanics of composting.  Learn about the science behind composting and how to maintain a productive compost pile.

6.      Vermicomposting- Composting with worms.  Learn about the many options for composting with worms and how to create an ideal environment in which worms will thrive.

7.      Green Cleaning- Learn about the many options you have when choosing cleaning products.  Learn about making your own cleaning products and how to make better choices when you but cleaning products from a store.

8.      Urban Ecology- A healthy ecosystem functions properly, providing the benefits and protection that it offers in a natural state.  The urban ecosystem if balanced and managed as an ecosystem can provide some significant benefits to homeowners and communities.  A balanced urban ecosystem can reduce water run-off and reduce water consumption.  It also provides energy savings to homeowners and communities.  Come and learn how to create a balanced and beneficial ecosystem on your property and encourage your communities to manage the urban ecosystem in a way that provides the maximum benefit. (4 Part Program)

1. Urban Ecology- Why is it Important

2. Determining the health of the Urban Forest

3. Native Plants and their benefits

4. Urban Wetlands

9.      Beautiful Beneficial Bats- The mere mention of the word, bats, causes most people to cringe or flee covering up their head but they are extremely valuable and venerable in Illinois.  Learn why they are valuable and how you can help to keep them healthy.

10.  Birds Bees and Wild Things- Habitat fragmentation is a major threat to wildlife particularly in Urban and Suburban areas.  But creating a habitat in your backyard is a great way to help wildlife thrive in your neighborhoods.  Learn about some principals for attracting feathered, fluffy, and fluttering friends to your yard.

11.  Invasive Species- Our native areas are threatened by foreign invaders.  These invaders come in all shapes sizes and types of organism.  But how do you know what is an invader, what is just foreign and what is native?  How do you remove the invaders?  And how do you choose plants that are not going to be invaders?  Join Jason Haupt to learn about invasive species and how to deal with them.