Pickled and Fermented Products

Preserving Food: Pickled Products
An 8-page PDF fact sheet with information and recipes on fermented/brined pickles, quick and fresh pack, fruit pickles and relishes: #FDNS-E-43-7
The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service

Sauerkraut: fact sheet from Penn State University Extension; 2-page PDF fact sheet; with step by step sauerkraut preparation, freezing process, hot, or raw pack information.

Preserving Food: Flavored Vinegars
Flavored Vinegars: a 4-page PDF fact sheet from The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension includes fruit (raspberry) and herb vinegars, preparing jars and bottles, types of vinegar, and storage: #FDNS-E-1

Causes and Possible Solutions for Problems with Pickled Foods
2-page fact sheet form the National Center for Home Food Preservation, includes soft, slippery pickles, bitter taste, shriveled, dark, spotted, faded, and white sediment in jar.