Canning Tomatoes
3-page fact sheet on canning tomatoes includes boiling water bath and pressure canning processing times. Available in html format, HYG-5336-09.
The Ohio State University Extension

Canning and Freezing Tomatoes
This is a 4-page handout in PDF format on canning and freezing tomatoes, PM 638.
Iowa State University Extension

Preserving Food: Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products
12-page handout that includes basics of canning tomatoes including salsa, tomato sauces, paste, catsup. Processing time charts given also; FDNS-E-43-2, PDF format.
The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension

Preserving Food: Sensational Salsa
16 page handout that includes ways to safely BWB various tomato and fruit salsas, FDNS-E-43-16
The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension

University of Illinois Extension YouTube Videos