Illinois Timber Prices

End Load of Walnut in Bunks

$13,000 load of veneer Black Walnut logs headed to the sawmill

The Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service, in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forest Resources, publishes Illinois Timber Prices twice a year. Stumpage and free-on-board (FOB) prices are reported by species group and product based upon a biannual survey of Illinois licensed timber buyers.

Prices reported in these bulletins are conservative and should only be used as a guide for establishing past and current timber values. These data are not a substitute for a professional appraisal or evaluation by a trained forester. It is always in the best interest of the owner to seek professional forestry assistance prior to selling trees or timber.

Illinois Timber Prices 1978-2015
2017 February
2016 August
2015 February August
2014 August
2013 December
2012 June December
2011 February August
2010 February August
2009 February August
2008 February
2007 February August
2006 December May
2005 February May
2004 April
2003 December June
2002 November June
2001 December September
2000 December June
1999 November June
1998 December June
1997 December June
1996 December June
1995 November
1994 December June
1993 December June
1992 December June
1991 December July
1990 November May
1989 November June
1988 November June
1987 November June
1986 December June
1985 November June
1984 December June
1983 December June
1982 December May
1981 December April
1980 October April
1979 November June
1978 December May

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