Notwithstanding the infinite utility of the World Wide Web, extension forestry wishes to remind internet users to be mindful of the accuracy and reliability of information dispersed throughout cyberspace. In order to assist internet users bypass deliberate misinformation, we put together a small sampling of reliable, science-based forestry publications made available through the generosity of our partners in academia, state and federal government, and professional forestry organizations. Extension Forestry encourages all aspiring forestry enthusiasts to read, print, and archive these publications for future use.

Forestry Publications

American Forest & Paper Association®

Black Walnut

Forest Health

Forest Management

Forest Measurements

Illinois Forest Facts

Illinois Forestry Development Act

Oak Silviculture

Pine Management

Silvics & Silviculture


Timber & Property Taxes

Timber Harvesting

Tree Planting

University of Illinois Forest Management Newsletter Archive

Urban & Community Forestry

USDA Forest Service Proceedings

Links to Additional Forestry Publications