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For most forest landowners, timber harvesting is a low priority goal listed behind wildlife, recreation, aesthetics, water quality, and soil conservation. However, many forest owners have learned the hard way that unplanned or indiscriminate timber harvesting can have long-lasting consequences, which can significantly affect future forest growth, genetic variability, species composition, and wildlife habitat potential. “Logger-take-all” methods of selling timber often yield only one timber sale for the forest owner during their ownership tenure. However, well-planned and professionally implemented timber sales not only yield greater financial returns for the forest owner, but owners typically achieve multiple timber harvests over their lifetime while creating a residual stand of diverse, high-quality, timber trees for future harvest.

To learn more about timber marketing and timber sales, please contact a professional consulting forester or your local DNR forester.

Fact: In Illinois, average annual volume growth exceeds forest removals by more than 160 percent. Moreover, annual mortality alone exceeds the amount of wood manually removed from Illinois forests (Bretthauer and Edgington 2002).

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