Barn Quilts of Kankakee County

Barn Quilts of Kankakee County

Kankakee County, Illinois, is covered with barn quilts! Starting fall of 2008, visitors to Kankakee County, Illinois began seeing decorative quilt blocks on historic barns and corncribs around the county. This county-wide project continues to showcase our rural heritage summer with more quilt blocks added each subsequent year. Barn Quilt #50 was hung in 2012.

Take a self-guided tour of well preserved barns adorned with a beautifully hand painted classic quilt block. The 1st Barn Quilt of 2010, "Rhubarb Pie" was placed at Kankakee County Museum, with ribbon cutting ceremonies, held during the 20th Annual Rhubarb Festival on May 16, 2010. View the "Rhurbarb Pie" Video on YouTube celebrating the 1st Barn Quilt of 2010 at: Quilt blocks remain in place year round so you can always find a convenient time to visit. 2010 Barn Quilts of Kankakee County are featured in the YouTube video Many thanks to Clayton and Carolyn Pratt for their fine photography and video expertise!

The Kankakee County Barn Quilt Committee made up of a talented community-based group of Kankakee County visual artists, quilters, interested residents and area organizations guided the project from the beginning. Area organizations involved include: University of Illinois Extension, Kankakee County; Kankakee Quiltmakers; and Kankakee County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Locations, photos, quilt block information, barn/farm/family history and interesting facts about each of the barns on this self-guided tour are available on this website and by contacting University of Illinois Extension, Kankakee County online or by phone at (815) 933-8337.

Don't miss! Barn Quilts of Kankakee County Movie - Fall 2009, skillfully created by Clayton A. and Carolyn Splear Pratt, can be viewed on YouTube at: A video highlighting the two Barn Quilts designed and painted by Pal Alcorn's homeschoolers can also be viewed on YouTube at: January 2011 is the Snow Barn Quilts video on YouTube at: New for 2012 on YouTube is:

Many thanks to the Pratts for their dedication to the Barn Quilt Project on YouTube.

Ken Kashian Galleries, Illinois Farm Bureau Photograper, also has a nice gallery dedicated to Barn Quilts of Kankakee County. View his site at: Many thanks to the Illinois Farm Bureau for their interest in promoting this project throughout the State of Illinois.