The Great Plant Escape
In Search of Green Life


Seven Requirements for Growing Plants Indoors

1. Room to grow. Always pick the right size pot and don't put too many plants in it.

2. Temperature. Plants grow best if the temperature does not go below 55 degrees F or above 75 degrees F.

3. Light. Plants can grow in lots of different kinds of light, but they love sunlight the best. Give your plant 7 to 12 hours of strong light each day.

4. Water. If roots are not given enough water, the plants will wilt and die. But, if the roots are given too much water they will rot and the plant will also die. Water your plants only when they need it.

5. Air. Plants don't breathe like people, but they do take up air through their leaves and roots.

6. Nutrients. Plants take up food from the soil (called nutrients) to help them grow strong. Three important nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

7. Time. You need to devote some of your time each day to care for your plants. Also, be patient, plants need time to grow.

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