The Great Plant Escape
Is It Dust, Dirt, Dandruff or a Seed?



Make a Seed Viewer

Detective Le Plant wants us to test his theories about seeds. Let's grow a seed in a plastic cup to see if he's correct!

Example of seed viewer

You will need:

a clear plastic cup

paper towels


black construction paper


Label your viewer

Write your name, the type of seed and the date of planting on the side of the cup.

Make the viewer

Line the inside of the cup with black construction paper. Crumple up some paper towels, one at a time, and fill the cup inside the construction paper with them. Cut the top edge of the construction paper so it is even with the top of the cup.

Plant the seeds

Slip each seed between the cup and the construction paper until it is an inch to an inch and one-half below the top edge of the cup. Pour water into the center of the paper towels until the construction paper is wet.

Watch the miracle!

Set the seed viewer on a sunny window sill. Check at the same time each day to see what is happening. Chart the growth and development of the plant. You must keep your paper towel moist for the seeds to germinate and grow properly!

Here's another idea! Try these different experiments.

  • Find out if seeds need light to germinate.

  • Will lima bean seeds germinate in the refrigerator?

  • Do seeds need moisture to germinate?

Now take a look at the inside of a seed...

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