University of Illinois Extension

Status in Northeastern Illinois

IDA Status as of January 2002

  • Since the 1970s, IDA has operated an "eradication" program in Illinois for controlling Gypsy moth.
  • For the past 25 years they have successfully reduced the amount of tree injury due to this pest.


Effective April 12, 2007, three additional northern Illinois counties have been placed under quarantine to control the spread of gypsy moth. Cook, DuPage, and McHenry were added to the quarantine, joining Lake County, where the quarantine was first established in 2000. Under the quarantine, all nursery and lumber products must be inspected or certified before they can be transported out of the four counties. In addition, residents of these counties must personally inspect vehicles, tents, outdoor lawn furniture, bicycles, and other outdoor items for gypsy moth egg masses, live moths and caterpillars before taking them from the quarantine area.

The full text of the quarantine order is posted on the the Illinois Department of Agriculture's website at

This site is for use by municipal forestry departments, park districts, the green industry and other concerned agencies to report gypsy moth findings in Northeastern Illinois. The site will be monitored by University of Illinois Extension staff and the Illinois Department of Agriculture to assist in the effort to suppress the spread of gypsy moth.