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Weekly Update 04-06-12

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. Growing Degree Days (GDD): Since April 1, 2012 = 69.5 GDD
  2. Soil temp @ 4 inches on Wednesday April 4=53.8 F

3. Notes on Critical Freezing Temperatures for Tree Fruits. Let's hope that we don't need to consult it, but the chart in the hyperlink below presents estimates of the effects of cold temperatures on tree fruit blossoms and young fruits. It's taken directly from page 65 of the 2012 Midwest Tree fruit Spray Guide. (Dr. Rick Weinzierl, U of I)

4. As you would expect this year, insect development is way ahead of normal. The insects that commonly occur in late April and May of "normal" years are present this year in late March and April. Insect growth is affected by two major factors, time and temperature. The amount of heat required by an organism to complete its development is known as physiological time. Physiological time is usually expressed in units called degree-days. Degree-days measure insect growth and development in response to daily temperatures. Bottom line- put pest monitoring high on your to-do list this Spring.

5. High tunnel production. High salt levels in soils can affect plant yield and cause salt injury including burnt leaf margins and stunted plants. High tunnels keep the rain from flushing nutrients and salts out of the root zone. If you think your high tunnel may have soil salinity problems, take a soil test. It might even be worth your time and effort to test the level for a baseline figure to monitor over time.

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