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weekly Update 4-20-12

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. 4 inch soil temp; 58.6 degrees
  2. Growing degree days since April 1: 154.5 GDD
  3. Black cutworm moth migration from the south has been significant in several areas of Illinois already this spring. Pay close attention to your sweet corn plantings. Signs of infestations include "clipped" seedlings.
  4. How do I control perennial grasses in my asparagus bed? Because of their extensive root systems, perennial grasses can be difficult to control in asparagus. Hoeing or tilling will simply not work. The best option is to spot treat with glyphosate (Roundup) immediately after the last harvest of the season. During the last harvest, cut or snap off all asparagus spears at the soil surface. Then immediately spot treat the grass-infested areas with Roundup. Do not allow Roundup to get on any emerged asparagus growth as injury or death may result. Always consult the product label.
  5. 2-4D drift issues. We met with a grower this week to investigate poor, stunted growth of tomato seedlings. We suspect that 2-4D herbicide drift might be the issue. Tomatoes and grapes are especially sensitive to this product. It is important to understand that drift of this herbicide can occur under favorable conditions (hot, windy) for several days after application for a distance of miles. This being said, try to be proactive with surrounding growers and stress the importance of proper herbicide applications anywhere around your farm, as well as theirs.

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