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weekly update 5-10-2012

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. 4 inch soil temp May 9; 58.3 degrees
  2. Growing Degree Days since April 1: 380 GDD
  3. Vinegar as a herbicide. Legally products have to be labeled and registered with EPA to be recommended as an herbicide. Registered herbicides have been studied extensively and come with label directions, including use rate and required personal protective equipment. To get good weed control, acetic acid content in vinegar would have to be 10-20% concentration as opposed to the 5% concentration of kitchen grade vinegar. Vinegar is very corrosive and can cause serious injury such as skin burns and severe eye irritation.
  4. April 11 frost damage reports: Damage to peaches in far southern Illinois is sporadic, but more than 50 percent of the fruit at the U of I Dixon Springs Ag Center was lost. Some apples, like Jonathan and Empire have also been hit hard, with some orchards reporting 30% to 60% loss. (Dr. M. Kushad, U of I)
  5. Early season high-tunnel tomatoes are beginning to bloom, so suckering and staking are in order. Call me to talk about staking options as many advances in the "technology" have developed.


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