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Fruit & Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

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weekly update 8-10-2012

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. 4 inch soil temp: 77.8 degrees F
  2. Growing Degree Days Since April 1: 2642.0 GDD Average** = 1991.5 GDD
  3. Cucumber harvest. Cucumbers are harvested immature in order to keep that crisp and juicy texture and to keep the seed coat from hardening. Squash and summer squash grow very quickly when the temperature is between 77 and 95°F. Picking is recommended every day, every other day, or every 3 to 4 days after pollination in order to maintain the fresh and tender flesh and glossy skin look. (Dr. Mosbah Kushad, U of I)
  4. Rapid water loss under those conditions we commonly see at market can result in limp, flaccid greens and a loss of appealing natural sheen or gloss in fruits and vegetables. By providing postharvest cooling before and during transport and a shading structure during display, you can minimize rapid water loss at these market outlets.
  5. Planning for fall and winter production. If you missed the recent Extension webinar on this topic, you can view the recorded version at:

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