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Fruit & Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

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weekly vegetable crop update 3-20-13

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

Welcome to the first weekly vegetable crop update for local fruit and vegetable growers for 2013. I hope 2013 is your most successful growing season yet. As a reminder, the weekly update is intended to be a short e-mail "conversation " regarding local growing conditions/issues. Each message will consist of five short items for your consideration. I would welcome any comments from you during the season.


1. We will begin reporting growing degree days(GDD)the first of April.

2. 10am 4 inch soil temp: 32.8 F

3. Strawberries-uncover beds when the sustained soil temperature is maintained at or above 44 F.

4. Some keys to transplant success: Good sanitation, proper temperature and good light quality and quantity. Our Transplanting Success! Webinar on this topic can be found here:

5. Planting schedules can be made easier by designating each week of the year with a number. The first week in 2013 is week 1 and so on. By using this approach you can quickly create a general plan for growing this year and have a good idea when things should be happening.


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