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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 4-1-13

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. Growing Degree Days since April 1:
  2. 10 am 4 inch soil temperature (Monmouth) : 45.9?F
  3. Transplants should be stocky and compact. Avoid tall, spindly plants. Most often the latter results from not enough light (quality and quantity). Overwatering can cause this response in plants as well. Water to keep media moist not wet. As a learned grower I know once told me "practice tough love when growing transplants." As a benefit, larger, thicker plants will fruit earlier.
  4. Growers-be sure to register your farms with the Driftwatch™ registry from the Illinois Department of Agriculture at Driftwatch™ is a tool to help protect pesticide-sensitive crops and habitats in Illinois.
  5. Lime sulfur is registered for use on most fruits, but is most commonly used on small fruit. Lime sulfur is used on brambles to control anthracnose, spur blight and cane blight. Lime sulfur is an effective dormant spray when applied early in the season as growth begins. When applied as a true dormant spray before growth begins, lime sulfur can be used with oil to increase the penetration of the caustic sulfur into the surface of the infected tissues. Once green tissue appears discontinue application.

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