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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 4-22-2013

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1. 4 inch soil temp 10 am: 47.8 F

2. Growing Degree Days since April 1: 2013 = 51.0 GDD Average** = 18.5 GDD

3. Upcoming pest events based on Growing Degree Days. Combining the database of life cycle information of insects and the daily growing degree day value calculated, we are able to make a fairly accurate estimation of all the phenological events that are likely to occur on or around a particular day.  To learn more about how to use GDD as a management tool visit:

4. Cold, wet weather conditions favor development of seed rots and seedling blights. if seedling development is slowed or delayed 2-3 weeks, soil-borne pathogens have a much greater opportunity to cause damage.  Bottom line is to scout your plants that have already been planted.

5. High tunnel production.  Row covers in high tunnels sufficiently modify the environment to enhance crop growth.  Although they provide some frost protection, their primary function is to elevate temperatures a few degrees each day over a period of several weeks.  This increase is likely to only be 3-4 degrees but can make the difference between losing a crop and keeping one.


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