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bean leaf beetle

weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 6-3-2013

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1.4 inch soil temp 61.5 F

2.Growing Degree Days (GDD): 531.5 GDD, Average** = 462.5 GDD. Note: We are finally gaining some ground regarding heat units.

3.Preharvest intervals.When using pesticides of any type, make sure you read the label to determine the Preharvest interval (PHI). This is the amount of time you must wait after application of the product until the fruit or vegetable can be harvested and consumed. Times vary considerably so pay close attention to the specific label.

4.Bean leaf beetle adults are beginning to be active around the state. Adults have overwintered, and they move to a variety of crops, especially beans but also squash in some instances. Adult feeding on bean seedlings can stunt plants and slow growth. See the 2013 Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for insecticides registered for use to control this insect Bean leaf beetles (Dr. Rick Weinzierl, U of I)

5.High tunnel producers: All high tunnel growers might want to become "experts' on identifying and managing these pests; thrips, white flies, aphids and mites. I will include a link for more info on each of these over the next four weeks. First up, thrips. Click here for a fact sheet on control.

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