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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 7-8-2013

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1. 10 am 4 inch soil temp; 78.9 degrees

2. Growing Degree Days(GDD) Since April 1,2013 = 1267.0 GDD Average** = 1216.5 GDD

3. White drupelets (the individual cells) of raspberries and blackberries are indications of a physiological problem caused by sun and heat. Provide shade during hot days. Strive for plants with heavy foliage to assist with shading. Shade cloth may be useful if excessive sunlight and heat continue during crop ripening.

4. Japanese beetles. What works? What doesn't? For those seeking a botanical alternative, Neem products such as Azatrol or Neem-Away (Gardens Alive), or Pyola (pyrethrins in canola oil) provide about 3-4 days deterrence of Japanese beetle feeding. Insecticidal soap, extracts of garlic, hot pepper, or orange peels, and companion planting, however, are generally ineffective.

5. High tunnel growers looking toward fall.An early start to fall seeded plants help ensure adequate growth takes place prior to cool temps. For our area, the date that the 4 inch soil temp dropped below 80 degrees last year (optimum germination of many seeds) was August.

Call me if you want to talk more about your fall seeding plans.

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