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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 7-15-2013

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1. 4 inch soil temp: 77.8 F

2. Growing Degree Days(GDD):2013 = 1495.0 GDD Average** = 1437.0 GDD

3. Bean leaf beetles are present and feeding in area soybean fields. I spoke with Dr. Rick Weinzierl regarding the degree to which this pest will infest vegetable crops. Rick stated that they will feed lightly on several crops, do a little damage to squash family plants if legumes are not available, and do most of their damage to green beans, dry beans, and soybeans.

4. High tunnel ventilation. Proper ventilation is not only important for temperature control, but also to replenish carbon dioxide and control relative humidity. Producers should strive to limit the amount of time plants are subjected to relative humidity above 85%. High relative humidity predisposes plants to a number of diseases. This can be easier said than done.

5. Reports of white flies are coming in. White flies normally lay their tiny, oblong eggs on the undersides of leaves. The eggs hatch, and the young white flies gradually increase in size through four nymphal stages called instars. I have spoken with growers who have identified the pests on cantaloupe and tomatoes. See this fact sheet for control measures.

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