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Fruit & Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 7-29-2013

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1. 10 am 4 inch soil temperature: 64.1 F

2. Growing Degree Days(GDD) since April 1 = 1761.5 GDD Average** = 1730.5 GDD

3. Garlic harvestis underway across our area. Yields sound respectable. A few growers have indicated that they felt the extended wet soil conditions early hampered quality a bit. Just a note on curing; Curing in the field runs the risk of sun scald, while poorly ventilated barns can result in loss from disease. Avoid high temperatures (over 90 F) and bright sunlight. Be sure that bulbs are hung with adequate air circulation, or on open racks up off the floor. Curing takes 10-14 days. Stems may be cut before or after curing. Curing is complete when the outer skins are dry and crispy, the neck is constricted and the center of the cut stem is hard.

4.Please take some time to review this very informative document from Purdue University regarding upcomingherbicide resistant technologiesand dicamba resistant soybeans.

5. White flies.I have seen several farms dealing with white fly problems. See the most recent issue of theIll Fruit and Vegetable Newsfor an extended discussion on the topic. For organic production, M-Pede (insecticidal soap) and Neemix (neem) provide some control of the pest. Very thorough coverage is necessary for best results with M-Pede or Neemix.

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