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Fruit & Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

Timely vegetable crop info for local producers.

Weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 9-16-2013

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1.4 inch soil temperature; 66.1 F

2.Growing Degree Days(GDD) Since April 1,2013 = 2800.0 GDD Average** = 2790.5 GDD

3.Seems like many are "switching seasons"right now. The fall crop harvest of pumpkins and apples is looking like it will be a good one. I spoke with one grower this morning that said he is actually still harvesting enough of the warm season crops that consumers are coming to pick up one product and leaving with baskets of others. This is certainly a nice situation to have. In this area, sweet corn harvest is 'officially" over with this last weekend the last sales of most varieties.

4.Another reminder on fall and winter cropping. If you have not done so, fall and winter crops should already be planted. We will start to lose critical growing degree days very soon and the crops need to be near maturity by the time cold weather hits. Seed catalogs report the time to maturity of different vegetable varieties in number of days to maturity. If all vegetables were bred in our region, that could be fairly accurate despite considerable variation in weather from year to year. However, a month in Florida or California provides a lot more degree days than a month in Illinois.

5.There are a number of community partners that are researching interest in a food hub located in this region. They have asked that producers participate by answering some questions in a survey. Your voluntary participation in the survey will help with decision-making. Click here to take the survey.

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