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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 3-17-2014

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1. 4 inch soil temp: 30.7 degrees F

2. Cold winter temps and tree fruits.  The potential to lose tree fruit crops due to low temperatures varies. The following is a general assessment:

Highest potential to lose crop: Apricot and Sweet Cherry Moderate potential: Plum, Pear, Sour Cherry Least potential: Apple

3. Many seed have minimum, maximum, and optimum temperatures at which they germinate. For example, tomato seed has a minimum germination temperature of 50°F and a maximum temperature of 95°F, but an optimum germination temperature of about 80°F. Generally, 65 to 75°F is best for most plants. This often means the germination flats may have to be placed on heating mats to maintain optimum temperature.

4. Asparagus is an alleopathic species–it produces and releases toxic chemicals that inhibit and suppress the growth of young asparagus transplants or crowns. Growers should avoid planting asparagus in fields where it has been grown in previous years.

5. When do I pot up my transplants from trays? The best stage to pot up most vegetable seedlings is when the first true leaf appears between the cotyledon leaves.

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