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Fruit & Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

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weekly fruit and vegetable update 7-7-2014

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. 4 inch soil temp: 67.1 degrees F
  2. Growing Degree Days (GDD) Since April 1,2014 = 1346.5 GDD Average** = 1192.0 GDD
  3. Sweet corn, cabbage, summer squash, and cucumber harvesting is ongoing on at many farms. Tomato, pepper, and muskmelon harvesting will commence this week in the region. Insect pest pressure is building up in vegetable fields, be scouting for: cucumber beetles and squash bugs on pumpkins and other cucurbits; cabbage looper on cole crops, particularly cabbage and broccoli leaves; aphids, white flies and leafhoppers on peppers; thrips on onion leaves and bean leaf beetles on green beans. This is not to say that you will have all of these, rather, just be on the look-out.
Herbicide Challenges in Pumpkins. Fewer herbicides are labeled for pumpkins. Tillage is limited to early season growth. Be especially wary of resistant weeds, particularly waterhemp. For more control options visit the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide.

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