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fruit and vegetable weekly update 9-20-2014

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. 4 inch soil temp: 66.5 degrees F.
  2. Growing Degree Days (GDD) Since April 1, 2014 = 2895.0 GDD Average** = 2869.0 GDD
  3. Cover crop decisions. I've spoken with several growers regarding what cover crop to use this Fall. The answer to this question is based on what you want to achieve. Are you wanting to build organic matter, reduce compaction, add nitrogen? Based on your ultimate goal, the answer becomes more straight-forward. Visit this site from the Midwest Cover Crop Council to help you make your decision.
  4. We are at or past the last of the brambles being harvested. We experienced another year dealing with the Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD). This pest will likely be a continued challenge for small fruit production. Learn more by reading this information from Dr. Weinzierl, U of I Extension Entomologist.
  5. High tunnel tip for spinach. I learned this tip from some seasoned high tunnel growers several years ago. Plant your spinach along the outside rows of the tunnel. As it is difficult if not impossible to water plants late in the season, they can benefit from times when there is a thawing of ice or snow. They will uptake the water as temperatures allow. You really will notice a difference from that grown in the center of the tunnel.

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