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Fruit & Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 3-30-2015

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

  1. 4 inch soil temp:46.4 ⁰F
  2. Growing Degree Days since April 1: TBD
  3. Aphids are thriving. Watch for this persistent pests on all greens such as spinach, kale and poc choi especially if you are growing in a high tunnel environment. The warm weather sets this pest up to do its thing. Control measures can be found here.
  4. Transplants need plenty of light. Too little light, temperatures too warm, excessive watering and excessive fertilizing cause spindly or leggy transplants.
5. Root rot in transplants. If root rot occurs, remove and destroy the diseased plants. Also, remove healthy-appearing plants that are immediately adjacent to the dead plants because the disease may have already spread to them although they are not yet showing symptoms. Sanitation and prevention are keys for management

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