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Lawn Renovation

Posted by Christopher Enroth - Turf

This past summer of 2012 was one for the record books with our extreme drought and heat. Now, post-Labor Day, is the time of year when we must go into landscape rehab mode. Mother Nature has shown her friendly side with the lower temperatures and a handful of good rain events. With the soil moisture up and the temperatures down, it is time to think about overseeding your lawn. After the first g...

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When it Rains...

The remnants of hurricane Isaac brought much-needed rain to our communities over the weekend. Our area was spared the excessive rains that many counties south of here experienced. I have been hearing a range of rainfall amounts from 1.5 inches to over three-inches in some parts of Henderson, Knox, McDonough & Warren counties. We are not the only ones benefiting from the rain. In my yard per...

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