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Christmas Tree Hitchhikers

If you have ever purchased or harvested a living or cut Christmas tree in the past you may have inadvertently brought in some overwintering pests. Luckily, any concerns about these pests are unwarranted. Yes, it is true that Christmas trees can harbor dormant pests that become active after being exposed to the warm indoor temperatures, but most of these pests will remain on the tree, while only...

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What Can No-Till Gardening Do For You?

Growing up and working in my parent's garden, I often remember the early spring when the tree buds are opening, grass is greening and birds are singing. Suddenly, the roar of our massive Honda tiller broke through the serene spring day as it chewed and turned the earth and spewed exhaust into my parents face. At my young age, I didn't have the mass to maneuver the behemoth machine. My mother as...

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