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The serpentine feeding galleries created in the plant tissue just beneath the bark. The feeding cuts off movement of water and nutrients, killing the ash tree. (Look closely you can see a little EAB larva in the bottom right)
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Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed for Warren County Illinois

The presence of emerald ash borer (EAB) has been confirmed for Warren County Illinois, with the initial finding coming from Kirkwood. EAB is a devastating exotic pest that attacks one of the most popular landscape trees in America, the ash tree. Unlike most native borers which only target dead or dying trees, EAB preys on healthy ash trees. However, the presence of EAB in Warren County...

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Using Landscape Chemicals Responsibly

This past summer, a homeowner called the local Extension office concerned about cicada killers. I immediately set about my normal talk describing the benefits of cicada killers and how they are not prone to sting humans. The homeowner graciously listened to my pitch and then said they understand, but they do not appreciate how the cicada killer makes their lawn surface so bumpy. I conceded thei...

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