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Horticulture topics from gardens to lawns and then some.
McDonough County Master Gardeners pose with their favorite daylilies.
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2015: Year of the Volunteer

The Illinois Senate has declared 2015 the "Year of the Volunteer". This is not a random labeling of a year, but one that takes into account the benefits of volunteerism. According to the November 2014 Harvard Health Letter, volunteering allows an individual to "let go of the inward focus [and] focus on others", which is associated with lessening of physical and emotional aches and pains...

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The main culprit to our dog-damaged lawn.
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Dog Gone Lawn

It never fails. Every time I present a topic on lawns this question arises, “How do you prevent lawn damage if you have dogs?” Turns out, I really enjoy this question! Being a dog owner to two yellow labs for almost nine years, I have had my fair share of ragged lawns and muddy paw prints. Let’s start by examining the why and how in which our lovable pooches are so efficient at destroying our t...

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