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Lawn rust
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Lawn Rust and Why Your Shoes are Turning Orange

Posted by Christopher Enroth - Turf

You're walking through your lawn. You notice some discoloration in patches, but it doesn't seem too alarming. After walking in your front door you begin to slip off your shoes and notice they've been turned an orange-red color. You'd swear it looked like your shoes were rusted-over. This above scenario is where it typically starts. Homeowners call the Extension office with a strange substance...

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Garden Update – Mid August 2015

What's going on in the garden this week? Here is a snapshot of observations and questions coming into the Extension office. Out in the Garden Here in Illinois the rains stopped early July and have been sparse ever since. Gardens have needed supplemental water. With the abundance and then lack of rain we've lots of soil cracking. With all that rain how could our...

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The monarch rearing cage under guard by a stegosaurus.
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Adventures in Babysitting – Monarch Caterpillars

A co-worker is headed out on vacation this week and asked me to babysit her twenty babies. By babies I mean monarch caterpillars. I have built rearing cages, taken classes, learned all about the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly, but I have never raised them before. I've gone back to the materials taken from the Monarch Teacher Network Class to make sure I don't kill these tiny caterpillars en...

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