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Horticulture topics from gardens to lawns and then some.

Fitting Natural Landscapes into a Modern World

If your HOA covenants, city codes, or neighbors disparage wildlife habitat, make the natural landscape easily recognized as a 'garden' and more intentional. Some tips for success: Borders – This can be a mowed edge, fence, or an edge of low plants. (I like prairie dropseed as a transition from lawn to a natural garden) A bordering device frames the planted area a...

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Habitat in the Home Landscape

If I may steal a line from Doug Tallamy- For decades the prevailing notion of developers is that humans are here, therefore nature needs to be elsewhere. In our minds we always think of nature as elsewhere, but certainly not in our very own yards. With the expansion of housing and commercial properties into the rural hinterland and urban greenspace, nature is running out of alternative habitat....

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Too Many Earthworms

It sounds improbable. How can one have too many earthworms? Such is the case for a property owner in Henderson County. A recent phone call led me on my first investigation to discourage earthworms, or in this case night crawlers (or 'dew worms' from a fisherman's vernacular). The yard in question was rife with small mounds comprised of tiny lumps of castings (worm poop). This made the terrain...

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