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Beebalm with prolonged standing water issues.
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Garden Update - Start of July 2015

What's going on in the garden this week? Here is a snapshot of observations and questions coming into the Extension office.

Out in the Garden

  • Rot, rot, rot. With all this rain landscapes and gardens have been suffering from saturated root zones. Here's a comparison of beebalm in the same planting area, only one is located where we've seen several days of standing water.
  • Coneflowers and beebalm are the main event at the McDonough County Extension office.
  • Newly planted Cascade hops are suffering from saturated roots, despite being planted in mounds. Leaf rollers seem to be enjoying these plants as well.
  • Imported cabbage worm finally showed up. Kale pictured has been treated with a bt product.

Homeowner Questions - Late June thru early July

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