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Photo of the Week - March 2, 2017

The winter has been unusually warm these past several weeks (even months). While it has been nice to go for walks in short-sleeves and even grill outside, I truly long for winter weather. Winter without snow is terribly bleak. Snow gives residents of the Midwest something visually stimulating in an otherwise dull, dormant landscape.

Finally, we're seeing a bit of colder weather as we enter March, despite that many of our gardens are beginning to come out of dormancy.

Here are a few photos of what is popping in my backyard.

The house we purchased a few years ago came with two old fashioned lilacs - one white flowering cultivar and one light purple flowering cultivar. The white flowering variety always pops first. Here is an image that was taken on March 2 of the leaves beginning to emerge from their buds.

Our yard is also full of daffodils. Seriously, they're everywhere! We already have flower buds ready to go.

Our red maple in the backyard has begun to bloom. Many flower buds were recently removed during a short thunderstorm two days ago, and about an hour after taking this photo it started snowing. Maybe this year I won't have as many samaras. One can only hope.

This photo is of the same maple but taken two years ago. The flowering in this photo is a bit behind as you can see the flower are just starting to emerge from the bud. Compare this photo taken on March 22, 2015, with the first maple tree photo taken on March 2, 2017, which shows fully emerged flowers.

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