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Gardening Apps Part II

Gardening Apps Part II

Disclaimer: University of Illinois Extension does not promote the use or purchase of a particular product. Reference to specific companies does not imply endorsement by University of Illinois Extension, nor is discrimination intended against any that are not listed.

As promised, I have the results from my gardening app evaluation. For all those who sent in suggestions – thank you very much. With all the wonderful recommendations for apps I have accumulated quite a list to test and evaluate. In fact, expect updates in the near future as more and more apps appear every day.

Following is the rankings of the garden apps I have evaluated thus far. Scores are based on a five-point scale; 1 = poor and 5 = superior.

  1. Dirr's Tree and Shrub Finder at 4.8
  2. A tie: Audubon Guides & iVeggie Garden at 4.6
  3. Leafsnap at 4.4
  4. Garden Plan Pro at 4.1
  5. Landscaper's Companion at 3.7
  6. ID Weeds at 3.4
  7. Tree Key at 3.2
  8. IPMPro at 3.1
  9. Organic Gardening Plant Planner at 3.0
  10. Flower Pedia HD at 2.9
  11. My Garden App at 2.6

If you would like to view the evaluation results in greater detail please Click Here.

As this is an ongoing project, please feel free to send me recommendations of apps to evaluate.

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