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Weekly Update 2-24-2014

Posted by Kyle Cecil - Gardening

  1. 4 inch soil temp: 24.6 degrees F.
    For perspective, at 41 degrees soil temp, 42% of radish seeds will germinate successfully and take on average 29 days to do so!
  2. For more information on planning your vegetable garden check out Extension's website A Taste of Gardening.
  3. Gardener's Day is coming up! It is a day of vendors and speakers with topics ranging from edibles to ornamentals. Come on down March 15 to the WIU student union, to learn what you need to know for this growing season. Register online.
  4. Lettuce is the most commonly consumed leafy vegetable? It provides about seven calories per 1 cup serving? Find out other nutrient facts about various types of lettuce here.
  5. Salads are the most popular way to consume lettuce. Here are 3 tips for creating healthier salads; for added color and variety, try a different type of salad green to mix with your usual choice; Baby greens tend to be more tender, nutritious, and milder in flavor than mature greens; use less dressing to enjoy the flavor of the salad greens.

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