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Weekly Update 3-3-2014

Posted by Kyle Cecil - Gardening

  1. 4 inch soil temp: 23 degrees F
  2. What plants will I be starting first? Typically, we would see the first plants in a garden include spinach, lettuces and radishes. Consider other direct seeded plants like beets and carrots as well.
  3. Leutine, Zeaxanthine, and Caratinoids are all contained in our colorful vegetables. What do these things do for us? Stanford Medicine Cancer Institute tells you more about what these phytonutrients do.
  4. A common mistake many beginner gardeners make is tilling up their entire backyard. It is always best to start small. This way you can gauge the amount of work and yield for one bed of vegetables. For those most daring, I recommend starting with a maximum of four, 4x8-foot beds.
  5. Think about combining your ornamentals with your vegetables in an edible landscape. Check out this video that gives a great example of raised bed vegetables in an ornamental landscape.

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