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Weekly Update 3-17-2014

Posted by Kyle Cecil - Gardening

1. 4 inch soil temp: 30.7 degrees F

2. Garlic is another great accompaniment to flavor various veggies. Did you know garlic is great for you, in itself? Check out the attached fact sheet on the herb.   We will talk about growing garlic later this year.

3. Asparagus harvest will begin soon.  Typically around April 15-20.  Is anyone interested in learning more about this vegetable and how to start your own bed?  Let us know.

4. The median date for the last hard freeze (28 degrees) in our area is March 26.  We will soon be on our way to better Spring growing conditions.

5. When planning your garden it is always best to make the most of your space. Make a base map of your property to sketch out your ideas. Indicate water sources, shade patterns of trees and buildings, and all the other aspects that can affect the success of your garden. Check out Extension's Planning a Garden webpage. CLICK HERE

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