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Weekly Update 3-24-2024

Posted by Kyle Cecil - Gardening

1. 4 inch soil temperature; 30.3 degrees F.

2. For optimum growth, all transplants and seeds need to be planted within a certain soil temperature range. Along with your calendar, a soil thermometer will help determine the proper planting time. Planting too early, before the soil has had time to warm up, can lead to seed rot, slowed germination, poor growth and disease.  We have soil thermometers at the Extension office.  Stop by and get one.

3. Many greens (collards, kale, swiss chard) pair well with lemon juice, which can be mixed with olive oil, salt and red pepper to dress them or used as a cooking medium.

4. Last spring saw excessive soil moisture and this year may be no different as our soils thaw out very slowly. Delay planting if the garden is too wet. The garden is ready to be worked when a ball of soil easily crumbles when squeezed.

5. Buds are swelling on trees and shrubs, pussy willows are in bloom, and insects have begun to emerge. Include good pollen and nectar sources near your vegetable garden to attract pollinators and beneficial insects as they begin foraging this spring.

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