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Weekly Update 4-1-2024

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1. 4 inch soil temp: 41 degrees F.  Still far too cool for anything direct seeded to germinate.

2. It’s been nice and sunny lately with a few warm days (60 degrees) but we are not generating enough sustained heat to really get Spring plants growing.  This concept is called growing degree days (GDD).  We will report periodically on how GDD is progressing.

3. As the soils warm, weed seeds will begin to germinate. Cultivate out weeds early to reduce competition on your vegetables. We will discuss more on the techniques and tools you can use during our May 13 class. But in meantime here is a video of John Curtis, owner of Barefoot Gardens a local Macomb CSA, on techniques and tools for cultivating weeds. CLICK HERE

4. When planting seeds or transplants, use a string line to mark your rows and keep them straight. This allows you to focus more on proper spacing between plants.

5. At a sustained 50 degree F soil temperature, you can expect spinach to emerge in 12 days, turnips in 5 days, most lettuce in 5 days and radishes in 11 days.

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